CISCO - Digitisation of Operational Environments

IICA SA welcome CISCO to discuss the network as a key element enabling increased visibility and operational agility in modern production environments.  We will look at the multi-connectivity strategy needed to connect fixed and mobile assets across an operational environment and how no single wireless technology is a panacea.  Discussion will progress to the layering of a variety of connection technologies which is often needed to achieve desired operational goals. 

We will also talk about the flipside of increased visibility.  Gaining an understanding of the required traffic flows within an operations environment will provide the necessary baseline of what is normal within the environment. This will provide alerting when changes are made and facilitate formation of an effective operational technology security posture. The goal of this is to minimise or prevent interruptions in operations that are increasingly 24x7.

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23/05/2024 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cen. Australia Standard Time
Seven Stars 187 Angus Street Adelaide, SA 5000 AUSTRALIA
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