Sydney - IICA Site Visit - North Head Water Treatment Plant

In collaboration with Sydney Water, the IICA invites you to a visit of the North head Water Treatment Plant, where you will venture within the tunnel for a full exclusive tour of operations.

Witness the harmonious blend of science, innovation, and environmental responsibility as you explore the inner workings of a modern water treatment plant. From advanced filtration to eco-friendly purification methods, experience the meticulous processes that ensure the availability of clean, safe, and sustainable water for our communities. Join us on this IICA Site Visit - North Head Water Treatment Plant voyage to deepen your understanding of the crucial role played by water treatment in preserving our planet and inspiring responsible stewardship. 

Immerse yourself in the forefront of sustainable water management by watching this captivating video that provides a bird's eye view of the site:

#SustainableWaterManagement #InnovationInWaterTreatment #EnvironmentalStewardship #NorthHeadWater

8/09/2023 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant 2 Bluefish Drive Manly, NSW 2095 AUSTRALIA
Spots available
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