IICA: An Exclusive Engineering Tour of UNSW's Innovation Hub

Embark on an exclusive Engineer Technical Tour at UNSW to explore the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of engineering. Immerse yourself in the collaborative environment fostering groundbreaking research through seamless academia-industry collaboration. Witness vibrant student engagement and discover unique Industry PhD programs bridging academia with real-world challenges. Delve into AI, IoT, and Sensors, witness robotics and automation in action, and explore the quantum realm to understand their potential impact on the engineering landscape. Confirm your spot now and engage in the future of engineering!


SEE: Explore the Cutting-Edge Technologies at NSW

Join us for an exclusive Engineer Technical Tour at UNSW, where innovation and expertise converge to shape the future of engineering.

DISCOVER: Unraveling NSW's Technological Prowess

Embark on an exploration of our research hub, where innovation takes centre stage through a synergy of academic prowess and industrial expertise. Immerse yourself in the dynamic landscape of collaborative research, where trailblazing initiatives thrive on the seamless integration between academia and industry, pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

LISTEN: Showcasing NSW's Technical Excellence

AI, IoT, Sensors: Explore the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Sensors, unraveling their role in driving innovation within the field of engineering.

Robotics, Automation & Tour: Immerse yourself in the future of robotics and automation through an insightful tour, highlighting practical applications in real-world scenarios.

Quantum Tour: Venture into the quantum realm on a journey exploring cutting-edge quantum technologies and their potential impact on the engineering landscape.

Registration Details:

  • $30 for Non-Members
  • Free for IICA Members

Confirm Your Spot now and Engage in the Future of Engineering!



10/04/2024 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Level 5 Design Studio (j17) UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA
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