IICA Sydney Enhancing Sustainability and Smart Manufacturing

Join Bürkert for an insightful afternoon exploring digitalization, sustainability, and smart manufacturing evolution. Transnational Brewing Lab: Discover digital twins and data science's power through the pioneering Transnational Cyber-Physical Brewing Lab, connecting physical and digital twins worldwide. Future Tech Integration: Explore how cutting-edge tech reshapes smart manufacturing for sustainability.


Enhancing Sustainability and Smart Manufacturing // Exploring the Ongoing and Future Evolution of Digitalisation 

Special Guest Speaker: Professor Dr.-Ing. Jochen Deuse, UTS

Dive into the world of digitalisation, sustainability, and smart manufacturing like never before! Bürkert proudly presents a remarkable afternoon where we explore the ongoing and future evolution of digitalisation in the manufacturing industry.

Transnational Cyber-Physical Brewing Lab

Witness a pioneering initiative as Professor Jochen Deuse, a distinguished expert, takes the stage. Discover the revolutionary power of digital twins and data science through the Transnational Cyber-Physical Brewing Lab—a remarkable collaboration between University of Technology Sydney and TU Dortmund University. Professor Deuse's presentation will delve into the lab's mission: to measure and enhance sustainability, elevate production metrics, and meet customer demands across value chains. This endeavour pushes boundaries by seamlessly connecting physical and digital twins of brewing assets across continents.

Future-Focused Tech Integration:
Chris Hoey, Regional Manager SEAPAC, follows up with a spotlight on how these digitisation solutions are reshaping smart manufacturing. Discover how cutting-edge technologies, simple connectivity, cloud-edge architectures, and Industry 4.0 protocols create a network of manufacturing assets that drive sustainability targets for Australian industries.

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19/09/2023 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
15 Columbia Way, Norwest Business Park Norwest, NSW AUSTRALIA
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