Explore the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre, where visitors embarked on guided tours that unveiled the innovative processes behind wastewater treatment. Advanced technologies utilized in tertiary treatment were showcased, highlighting their role in environmental sustainability.

Situated adjacent to the Quakers Hill Water Resource Recovery Facility, formerly known as t

he Wastewater Treatment Plant, this operational site played a pivotal role in wastewater treatment. Visitors delved into the intricacies of the tertiary treatment process, witnessing the facility's commitment to environmental stewardship.

In 2024, the Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre opened its doors to the community, offering a transformative experience for all who attended. Visitors were invited to explore, learn, and engage in the vital processes shaping our environmental future.

The guided tours, spanning approximately 2 hours, divided visitors into two groups. While one group explored the Purified Recycled Water facility, the second group was shown the main treatment plant. The groups were then rotated to ensure a comprehensive experience for all attendees.