In a recent event, attendees had the chance to witness the future of material handling firsthand. Live demonstrations showcased the MiR250 Shelf Carrier and MiR1350 Pallet/Shelf Lift, offering a glimpse into cutting-edge technology transforming workplace logistics.

Exploring the transformative potential of Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMRs) was at the forefront of the event. Attendees engaged in hands-on experiences with the MiR250 and MiR1350, gaining valuable insights into how these robotic solutions drive efficiency and productivity in operations.

Expert insights on the AMR revolution were shared during informative sessions. Attendees discovered real-world examples of how AMRs are revolutionising material handling processes, providing innovative solutions to common challenges.

This event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to see, discover, and listen to the exciting possibilities that AMRs bring to material handling. With live demos, interactive experiences, and expert insights, participants left with a new perspective on the future of moving materials in the workplace.