In a groundbreaking event held on March 6th, 2024, the IICA Newcastle Technical Event showcased an innovative leap forward in maritime technology. Ampcontrol, Steber International, and the University of Newcastle collaborated to unveil E Motion, a revolutionary 43’ 600kW hybrid boat.

E Motion was meticulously designed to address the pressing need for maritime sustainability, offering an impressive operational range while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Catering to diverse sectors including defence, government, and private industries, E Motion exemplifies the fusion of Hybrid Power Unleashed. By combining a diesel engine with an electric system, the vessel not only revolutionizes sustainability but also maintains exceptional operational efficiency.

Attendees delved into discussions surrounding emission reduction strategies, hybrid topological nuances, and the economic implications of hybrid vessels. E Motion stood as a beacon of innovation, showcasing the future of efficient and sustainable marine transportation.

The event commenced with a brief presentation at Rydges, followed by an immersive tour and ride on the revolutionary boat itself. Participants experienced firsthand the transformative potential of E Motion and its pivotal role in shaping the future of maritime technology.