IICA Fellows

As a Fellow of the IICA you will be acknowledged as a person of senior standing within the industry and profession. View the current list of IICA Fellows.

To be considered for Membership of FELLOW you will need to meet the THREE mandatory criteria, plus at least ONE of the other (ADDITIONAL) criteria:

MANDATORY (must meet all three criteria)

  • Has followed the profession of Instrumentation, Control and / or Automation for at least 10 years
  • Has held a prominent position in the profession or industry and made a significant contribution to the profession or industry.
  • Has made a significant contribution to the IICA via Federal Council, Division or Branch involvement

ADDITIONAL (must meet at least one criterion)

  • Has held a sustained major responsibility in the design or execution of important instrumentation, control or automation work as relevant to Member
  • Has made a significant contribution to the manufacturing, sales and support areas of instrumentation, training, control or automation as relevant to Member
  • Has participated in national and international Standards setting organisations

Your application will be assessed by the IICA Fellows Committee comprised of your Peers which will make a recommendation to the IICA Federal Council.

Please contact Cathie Tynan on 03 9036 0166 or admin@iica.org.au to obtain the relevant application forms.

Download Membership Information Brochure & Application Form