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  Yokogawa Co-Innovation - Digital Transformation (PDF)

  Online Analysis for mining & minerals industry (PDF)

  ACMA Presentation to IICA (PDF)

  ARCIA Presentation for IICA (PDF)

  PAS - Best Practices for Optimizing Operational Performance through Analytics and Automation (PDF)

  Cisco - Internet of Everything Adelaide (PDF)

  System Information Modelling (PDF)

  Big Data to Build Business Intelligence (PDF)

  Big Data Datasets (PDF)

  Patient Safety System Australian Synchrotron (PDF)

  Operationalizing The Connected Enterprise (PDF)

  Alarm Management at Altona Refinery (PDF)

  Siemens The Journey to Industry 4.0 (PDF)

  HMA - Leveraging functionality from spare micro capacity (PDF)

  Cisco Internet of Things (PDF)

  SICK Total Recall White Paper (PDF)

  SICK Sensor Technology - Whitepaper (PDF)

  SICK Machine Safety - Whitepaper (PDF)

  SICK From Millimetres to Millions (PDF)

  Functional Safety Demystified presentation by Bob Weiss (PDF)

  SICK Hygienic Design - whitepaper (PDF)

  SICK A Lifeline for Your Bottom Line - Whitepaper (PDF)

  Career Transitioning Presentation by Ray Pavri (PDF)

  SICK Flexible Automation - whitepaper (PDF)

  Baluff Increasing Sensor Life (PDF)

  Balluff Traceability In Manufacturing (PDF)

  Baluff SmartLevel TechReview (PDF)

  Balluff Industrial Strength RFID (PDF)

  Radio Interview with Alan Nichols - IICA General Manager - What are IICA Technology Expos?

  Track & Trace Presentation by Sean Carter (PDF)